1.  30 minutes prior to leaving, start clothing washer with all used towels. Put linens (not comforters or pillow protectors) on the floor by the clothing washer. Use detergent per instructions found on the detergent container and select quick, medium length wash. If the laundry finishes before you leave it would be very helpful if you started the dryer.

  2. 30 minutes prior to leaving, please start the dishwasher so dishes will be ready for the next guests.
  3. Pull the ladder back up on the dock, secure kayaks and paddleboards, and put furniture back in its original location.

  4. Close windows, lock doors, and place the key back in the lockbox.

Thank you so much for following these instructions. They allow us to keep our check-in and check-out times which lets each guest enjoy their stay a little longer.