Hood Canal Resort is featuring art by artist Tove Koch. Tove was born and raised in the Swedish countryside on the west coast in a large, artistic family. She has loved expressing herself creatively since she was a young child and loves sharing her talent with the world today.

One of her biggest inspirations is and has always been her love and fascination for the natural world. As a kid she could spend hours exploring the backyard, forest and the beach. Today is no different, except the Pacific Northwest is now her main playground. Another area of interest is the mystical and spiritual. Beyond what meets the eye, she sees and feels something more – a higher force, an energy, a higher purpose – something that needs to be honored, admired, and protected. She loves intertwining the physical and spiritual in her art, often with a playful tone.

Her lower and higher education always centered around art and photography. In addition to the common educational requirements, Sweden allows students to emphasize arts and crafts, fine arts and photography into their curriculum – an opportunity she gladly took. Her education provided her a valuable base that has allowed her to evolve and create her own unique style of expression.

How to view and purchase Tove's art

The best way to experience Tove's work is to stay with us. You can also see it right away in the slideshow below. Most pieces are available in multiple sizes and can be printed on either paper or metal. Have it shipped directly to you, or take it right off the wall during your stay at Hood Canal Resort. As a guest, you get a special discount on all art, even after your stay. All works are signed unless sent directly from the print lab. For more information and inquires, contact Tove at tovekochart@gmail.com.

Tove is also a health coach

Tove also has a big interest in health and wellness and works as a health coach. She is passionate about helping people heal their metabolism and improve health through easy and satisfying principles. Her ultimate goal for her each clients is that they form healthy, simple, and enjoyable habits that free them from dieting and give them food freedom. Check out her website www.nikewellness.com to learn more.